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Our Approach to Covid-19

If you are staying with us this summer, please take a moment to read through this page to learn what we are doing to keep your stay as safe and fun as possible, as well as what you can do to help.

As the summer progresses and we move through the governments plan to return to normal, we will update this information, so it is accurate for your stay.

If you have any questions or concerns about this information or anything you notice while you are staying here please do talk to us at reception or drop us an email.

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Step 3 - from 17 May


Toilets, Showers and Washing up facilities.

From the 17th May we will open our toilet/shower and washing-up facilities, the rule of 6 still applies within these spaces so please be mindful of the other guests using the facilities. 


Around the site

While on the grounds and in any outdoor space you are welcome to socialise in groups of upto 30.

There will be hand sanitiser available at the entrance to any indoor space where access to hot water and soap is not convenient.  



Please wear a face mask while in the shop (unless you have a medical reason not to) and follow the marked arrows on the floor for the 1 way system. So we can distance everyone safely the maximum number of people in the shop is 8, excluding staff. Please be understanding if we ask you to wait outside for it to clear slightly. We will be closing the Shop daily from 2-3pm for cleaning and restocking.


Indoor facilities

(Roundhouse, Ping Pong Palace, Loft Barn, Cellar Barn, Library, Snooker Room, Laundry)

Until the 21st June at the earliest the maximum number of people in any of these facilities at a time is 6 or larger if from 2 households (rule of 6) those waiting to use the facility should wait outside until there is space to enter. If using a facility and there are people waiting, please be mindful of the time you are using to ensure everyone gets a share.


Until 21st June at the earliest we will be running our entertainment at half capacity and we will be stewarding where people can sit to allow space between bubbles. Some of our normal entertainment has chosen not to perform until the 21st of June for personal reasons, we will keep our What’s on Page up to date with what you can expect during your stay as best as possible.

Pool opens 29th May

Following the government guidelines and advice from our camping membership affiliations, we are able to open the pool as an indoor facility. We will be restricting the total number of bathers and spectators to 30. We would ask that only one spectator per group does visit. We encourage you, to where possible, get ‘swim ready’ before you get to the pool and minimise your time in the changing rooms. To manage numbers our lifeguards will be controlling the entrance to the pool.

As normal we will decide to have the dome up or down dependant on the weather. The heat lost from the pool in its open-air setting is substantial and drives the decision on when it comes down, we are mindful of our energy use and heating pool water uses a very large amount.

The pool will close again on the 6th June as we re-enter Low and Mid season, it will re-open on the 3rd July.


Step 3 - not before 21 June

Full swing Trewan.

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