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  • Oscar Pavling

A Trip to Trewan

“Almost there” our Mum would say as she looked into the rear-view mirror to the back of our car. An overwhelming sigh of relief would be heard from the back of the car as the six-hour journey was coming to an end.

We were just leaving St. Columb Major, the village that leads to heaven. It’s winding streets and cobbled lanes, the smells and sounds were all too familiar. But this was only the first step in the staircase to heaven. Through the golden gates was ‘Trewan Hall’.

Trewan Hall is a campsite that is more like paradise in my eyes, located in the centre of Cornwall; a comfortable distance from the best beaches and Newquay harbour. With two lush fields and a woodland wrapping round a Jacobean manor house, it is the perfect spot for a campsite – not to mention the heated outdoor swimming pool open from 6:00am to 8:00pm. Trewan Hall also organises for their campers; performances every evening that range from magicians to musicians, and even a classic Cornish storyteller, all for free!; there is a small shop that has sweets, fuel, appliances and warm pastries in the morning for breakfast; and best of all, the most incredibly kind and polite community ever.

As I mentioned, Trewan is the perfect distance from the best beaches, so staying on topic my favorite beaches are, Mawgan Porth and Treyarnon Bay. Mawgan Porth will not be found on any ‘most beautiful beaches in Cornwall’ website because this beach has more sentimental value to me than anything else. I’ve been going there since I was three and have a collection of nostalgic memories from there. It has a river that trickles into the beach peppered with pebbles and stones. Another reason why Mawgan Porth is so special to me is that once a year on our trip, the Trewan community come together for a barbeque of freshly picked muscles and beach-baked pizza and a game of rounders. Treyarnon Bay is my other favourite beach because of its natural beauty and countless activities it offers including, crabbing/fishing in the naturally formed small rockpools on the left most side of the beach, surfing or bodyboarding, or even jumping of the rocks on the right most side of the beach into the larger rock pool – Our lagoon!

In conclusion, Trewan Hall is my favourite place to go over the summer holidays and for good reason. I would strongly recommend camping or caravanning at Trewan Hall and visiting the beaches listed in this travel writing piece. I hope you enjoyed my blog and happy camping.

Written by Oscar Pavling of Skinner's Grammar School in Kent

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