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An Introduction to this Blog

Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to look at this blog, I wanted to outline what I am hoping to do here and what you can look forward to from these posts.

First and foremost I have planned for this to be a place for Trewan Hall's campers (and anyone else interested) to get information and updates about what goes on at the campsite, a look behind the scenes, things to do in the local area and what we are looking to try and achieve running a small family business in Cornwall. Outside of this, there might be all sorts of things that crop up that I will add to here, but let's see how it goes!

I will be catagorising posts into

- Behind the scenes

- Things to do

- Local Area

- Environment

This means as things build, people can focus on areas that interest them more and will find it easier to find things they are looking for. A blog felt like a great way of both giving you all a bit of a sneak peek into what goes on at the campsite year-round, passing on some local knowledge in the run-up to summer and hopefully helping everyone have the very best time possible when they are here.

Ideas for posts include local food options, days out, beaches, how we make our charcoal and winter projects we are working on. If there is something you would love to hear about please do use the comment section, it would be great to hear about what areas are interesting to you.

About me - I hopefully won't be the only writer as things go on but for now its just me - Phil kicking things off. I am one of Denis and Phyllis Hill's 12 grandchildren and lucky enough to have joined the team in the back half of last year. Like so many others, family or not, Trewan has been a huge part of my life and was basically my entire childhood. I'm excited to see where things might go, but know that the vision created by Grandad of preserving Trewan and its amazing grounds for the enjoyment of all, burns strongly in me too!

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